Frequently asked Questions

What size cake do I need?
First work out how many people are coming to your event. We can then help you decide if you want to feed everyone or just part of the total guests.
How far in advance do I need to place my order?
We prefer a couple of weeks notice for custom orders, however sometimes we are able to work within a shorter time frame. Please dont hesitate to ask our availability!
Can I order a cake for pick-up today or tomorrow?
Sometimes we are able to do short notice cakes. Please ask us for our availability. We do however, have a great range available to choose from daily in store.
Can you only pre-order a cake?
You don't always need to pre-order cakes as we have a large selection of "ready to go" celebrations cakes which change daily, in our display fridge in store. You may also like to try our standard range online with the shop button. Just head to celebration cakes in the menu.
What if I need to cancel an order?
We can re book your cake for a further date or offer a gift voucher for you to use whenever you like.
Do you offer vegan, dairy free or gluten-free options?
Yes a lot of our range is gluten free and we also have a vegan option. We can also do a dairy free option too.
Do you deliver?
Yes we do
Is there a delivery/set-up fee?
There is a delivery fee, please enquire.
Can we order a small cake to cut and extra cakes to serve the guests?
Yes you can choose a small cake for display and then choose extra options to serve
What fillings/flavours do you offer?
We have a wide range of flavours, see our "flavours" tab on the custom cake page.
If I provide a picture of what I like, can you re-create it?
We would love to help re-create a look for you and do our best to not perfectly copy someone else's design but bring it to life with our touch!
Does custom design cost extra?
Yes, most custom designs cost more. For budget friendly options go to the shop online button and head to the menu to select Celebration Cakes for standard designs.
How much is required as a deposit to hold my date?
We request at least 20% to hold you date
Can I pick up a dessert for tonight in store if I didn't order anything
Yes, we have a great range of "ready to go" dessert style options in store daily in our display fridge and open til 5pm M - S and Sunday til 4.30pm

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